Whether at home or in the office, making sure your heating and air conditioning systems are running effectively is a priority. This means checking that your system not only provides quality air and cooling, but also creates less impact on your energy bills. How can you determine which HVAC system best meets your needs? You can find the right HVAC system you need by calculating the energy efficiency ratio (EER), and here’s how!  

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Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) Explained

Before purchasing your next HVAC unit, it’s important to first look at its energy efficiency ratio. In the HVAC industry, an energy efficiency ratio (EER) is the standard measurement that calculates how well an air conditioner performs and how much energy it uses when active. The EER gives insight into which system performs the best with less energy, saving buyers money in energy and maintenance bills.  

You can calculate energy efficiency ratio with the following formula: 

EER = Output Capacity (BTU) / Power Input (Watts) 

Since it determines the energy needed to raise one pound of water by one Fahrenheit degree, this calculation has the closest accuracy for technicians and homeowners to evaluate HVAC systems. 

The higher EER rating a system has, the more efficient it is since higher rated conditioning units offer more cooler capabilities without extra expenses. However, it’s important to note that these measurements are most accurate if the system has the following temperature conditions during calculation: 

  • External temperature: 95°F 
  • Internal temperature: 80°F 
  • Humidity level: 50%  
Energy efficiency ratio - gauges on an HVAC

Checking your unit’s energy-efficiency ratio can help determine how well your HVAC system operates.

The Value of Energy Efficiency Ratio with HVAC Systems

Knowing how to calculate the HVAC unit’s energy efficiency ratio can give you a clear direction of which system will best suit you. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, creating a comfortable space for you and those in your space with lower energy costs can help save you expenses in the future.  

Selecting an air conditioning or heating unit with a higher EER can cut down wasted energy throughout your building, reducing electricity costs and environmental impact at the same time! Moreover, systems with higher energy efficiency tend to be more advanced, powerful, and durable machines. As a result, you receive the quality air conditioning and heating comfort you need with all-around better savings. 

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By calculating the energy efficiency ratio of HVAC units, you’ll be better equipped to search for systems that provide better energy-savings, durability, and overall comfort for your work or living space. At ALL Temp Heating & Cooling, our mission is to provide the HVAC system you need and offer professional guidance on how each system works. Interested in finding a great unit? Contact our team today! 

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